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Ride (Reader x Rivaille)
A/N: This was actually random. I just thought, "Hey the soldiers should be in good terms with their horse right? So they should choose the horse they are compatible with."
A bit crack.
PS: The company was complete. This means Eren was here in which Levi begrudgingly gave him the chance to meet his friend today with the persuasion from Hanji and Erwin will be here too! (DADDY BEAR XD)
PPS: Kinda boring TT-TT :iconhideplz:
PPPS: But please read until the last part. :iconkiralaughplz:
It was the morning after the new graduates of the 104th trainee squad chose to join the Recon Corps when the officer handling them lead them to the stable and picked a horse to their liking.
"Hey Kirschtein, ready to meet your family?"
Asked the Eren teasingly and earning a snicker from the company.
"And yeah, should I always ask you that when we're going to an expedition?"
Jean growled back and gave him a smirk.
Eren scowled back and was about to get revenge when Mikasa gag his mouth with h
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 243 61
Someone Else (One-sided!Reader x Rivaille x Petra)
And there, in a blink of an eye, she was gone. Forever. The 57th expedition was a disaster, well not totally but to a certain person. Rivaille's squad that was considered elite of the elite was almost wiped out, only Rivaille, himself, survived.
The moment you and the Recon Corps entered the gates, families of the soldiers were waiting for their love ones return. Many weeped as soon as they discovered that the one's they are waiting for can no longer return to them while some was in huge relief after seeing their love ones return. Some soldiers were wounded, some were missing a limb or two but still, they were lucky to return alive.
As you made your way through the street, a certain middle aged man caught your attention as he approach the corporal. You knew him, it was your bestfriend's father, Petra. Rivaille paid no attention to him as the man keep talking as he holds a letter. He was talking about his daughter's dedication to him, or perhaps marriage.
Even though he doesn't show it,
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 122 82
Solitude (One-sided!Reader x Rivaille x Petra)
He was your superior.
You were just a subordinate.
She was part of his elite squad.
You were just a mere cadet with no ranking.
Sad part is, she was your batchmate in military training.
She was the kind of girl idolized by others.
You wonder if someone even knew you exist.
She was always the center of attention.
You were a wallflower.
Soon your very first expedition outside the walls was drawing near. You weren't afraid to go beyond the walls and die. After all, no one awaits for you. You grew up alone in the harshest way a child can experience.
Your father were once from a well off family. He was from the main branch of the family but he fell in love with someone from the slums. The whole family was sternly against it but your father really loved your mother. Soon, something was born from their love.
It was you.
"My love look, she is an angel."
Cradling you in your father's arms, he sat beside your exhausted mother.
"Our pretty angel."
Your mother mumbl
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 156 51
Another Way (Reader x Rivaille)
If there is one thing he couldn't stand, it would be your thumb sucking habit. Whenever you're in a deep thought or anxious, your thumb would just automatically made its way into your mouth.
One busy morning, you've been asked by your squad leader, Hanji, to jolt down some notes from her old books down at the library. When she first saw how efficiently you write, she took the liberty of ordering you time to time to do some paper work for her or sometime be her secretary. This is how you got close with her.
Walking towards the library, you hummed in an adventurous tone while taking an occasional pause then jump, pumping one fist into the air.
"Poketo~ no~ co-in~ soretoyouwannabemyfriend~~~"
(A/N: This is how I sing this song *hides out of embarrassment*)
You were known for being Hanji-the-second when it comes to research. Well, Hanji was the real reason you joined the Scouting Legion, to join her with all kinds of experiments. You were ecstatic when being on the field work with her espe
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 135 15
Bath (Reader x Rivaille)
It was almost a fairy tale for you to get handpicked by no other than the humanity's strongest soldier, Rivaille. You weren't the brightest soldier in there but you got skills when it comes to killing titans. Just one order from your squad leader, you can finish it without any casualties. Let's just say, to that corporal, there is something in you that sparked his interest.
In your first day, you thought it would be different but you were once again assigned to clean the stables and every fireplace on the west wing of the HQ. No. You are wrong. There is a change. You got more chores than ever.
You've entered the nth room that day to clean the fireplace. Your body was almost covered in soot and you caught the smell of the stable but paid no attention to them. You just want to finish this God damned chore and take a warm bath.
You wiped a sweat trickling down your forehead with your soot covered arms.
"I wonder what would the corporal say when he sees me like this! Wait. Would he even re
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 991 174
Perfect (Rivaille x Reader)
Today was a special day for the two of you. The day when you two finally become parents.
With one last push, you gave all your might to bring your baby into this world.
And then...
You heard a baby's cry. Your baby's cry as she was being cleaned up by the nurse.
"Congratulations Mr. Rivaille and Mrs. ________! You got a baby girl!"
Tear welled up on your eyes as your husband, Rivaille squeezed your hand. You lay in the hospital bed after long hours of labour, tired and exhausted but your maternal instinct gave you a little strength enough for you to take a peek on your child before darkness consumed your vision.
You woke up the next day, still feeling sore from child birth and a little groggy. A gentle breeze coming from the window brought a withered leaf on your lap. You slowly lift yourself up and reached for the leaf as you fondly smile at the memory.
'That's right... It was this time of the year..'
1 year ago
After the last battle between the titans, your corporal gave you a note t
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 212 13
Star (Reader x Erwin)
Ever since your early days in the military force, you were already in love with this person. At first you only thought it was only puppy love and the feeling would just falter away instead it grew and the next thing you knew you are in love with him. On that same day when you confirmed your feelings for him, you decided to confess your feelings and even though he rejected you, you still swore you will be by his side through thick or thin. You and Erwin were always seen together even when Erwin almost lost his life. If it wasn’t for your quick thinking, he would be long gone by now. It did take a while before Erwin to fall for you. Your strong sense of loyalty and dedications for him made him realize that you are a very valuable person to him, an irreplaceable one. If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t be the person he was today.
On one certain night just before the lights were out, you were suddenly called to his office. Knocking on his office door twice but not getting a
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 275 29
Lips (Rivaille x Reader)
One busy day, you were supposed to be hanging all the laundry and finishing your chores but something unexpected *ehem* wild horse stampede a.k.a Jean vs. Eren fight *ehem* event occurred causing you and the two other guys in to some awkward situation. And the worst part is the Corporal saw this giving all shits and hell to you. Well that doesn't make any sense does it? It all began when Sasha was washing up the clothes together with Christa and Ymir, who volunteered to help.
"After this, can we sneak into the kitchen? I'm kinda hungry." Said a frustrated Sasha.
Christa giggled at her friend's bottomless appetite and smiled. "But Sasha we just finished eating a snack and resumed our chore and you got hungry. Again? But I guess I'll help you." Christa looked at her friend beside her who was focused on scrubbing in a stain on the white cloth. "Ymir can be the look out right?" She added making the said girl to look at her.
Her face heated up on the sight of her beloved Christa with a gent
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 1,067 214
Warm (Assuming!Reader x Erwin)
The titans had infiltrated the Wall Rose near the district where your family lived. After hearing the news, you abruptly get your gears and went for battle while your squad was trying to stop you but they followed you in the end. All was going smoothly until an aberrant titan caught your wire sending you to hit hard on the wall, losing consciousness.
Reader-chan's POV
I woke up in the infirmary. As I try to recall what happened before I passed out, there was a knock on the door.
"I'm going in." Said the nurse.
I greeted her with a smile on my face and said, "Good afternoon. Thank you for taking care of me.
But somehow her reaction towards me made me perplexed. She frowned a little as she looked at me with pitiful eyes.
"Uh... Is something wrong with me?" I asked, fear evident in my voice.
"Miss I'll be frank with you... Your family... Well.. They're gone." The nurse said firmly as she held my hand.
My eyes widen in shock of the news she announced and my mouth hang open, words stuck on
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 42 14
Can I? (Rivaille x Reader)
It was very late at night and you are still stuck in the library jotting down notes from piles of books asked by Hanji, your squad leader. Way passed curfew hours at the library sure gives you the creeps. Sure it was very peaceful but the deafening silence makes you uneasy. You can't help but think that something will come out of nowhere and scare the hell out of you. You are more scared of supernatural beings than those idiotic looking titans. Focusing on your work, you suddenly heard a rustling sound behind you that made a chill to crawl up your spine. Slowly glancing over your shoulder, you sighed in relief for it was only a rat.
"Maybe drinking too much coffee can make you paranoid..." You murmured to yourself focusing back to your work.
Moments later, you now heard footsteps and you started to looked around and found no soul in sight.
"Must be hearing things." You assured yourself.
But after that incident, you can't help but feel that there is someone watching you.
"Uhh.. Is someo
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 810 68
Mature content
Shingeki no Kyojin: Reader x Surprise Chapter 2 :iconxylvie:Xylvie 66 11
Shingeki no Kyojin: Reader x Surprise Chapter 1
You stood before the old castle that was serving as the new headquarters for the Scouting Legion.
“What are you waiting for ________? Let’s go inside and meet everyone!” Your best friend, Colette Sommer, said nudging your side.
A frown appeared on your face as you looked down on your feet, “I don’t know Colette, it’s just,” You bit your lip, “What will I say to him?”
Colette puffed up her cheeks as she put her hands on her waist, “What are you talking about? I’m sure he would be very glad to see you!”
“But, I promised him I wouldn’t join the military.” You murmured, still keeping your head low.
You heard you friend heaved an exasperated sigh and suddenly to your surprise, she began pulling you hastily toward the castle.
As soon as you and your friend entered, you were instantly greeted by a stern and icy voice, “Oi two stupid looking cadets, what do you think you’re doing?”
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 71 11
Obviously (Rivaille x Reader)
It was the middle of the night and you find yourself walking towards the courtyard. As soon as you stepped outside, the cool breeze gently crawls on your skin. You blamed yourself for clothing lightly and for not bringing a jacket. You went towards your favorite spot under the tree and leaned against it and admired how beautiful the starry night was. A few moments later you felt a presence behind you, making your heart beat fast.
'Who could it be,' you thought.
Suddenly you spun around and you were greeted by a pair of steel blue eyes that was staring blankly at you. It was Lance Corporal Rivaille, your superior.
Your immediate reaction was to salute him.
His countenance remained stoic as he spoke, "It's already past curfew cadet, may I ask what your business is?"
The wind gently blew making you unconsciously shiver and before you could answer your superior noticed this and took of his jacket and threw it to you.
You almost missed it and sighed in relief when you didn
:iconxylvie:Xylvie 840 212


Byakuya kuchiki x reader (injured) Maybe?
The dark room was quiet aside from the soft whistle of the nights wind . A small gleam from the moons light seeped through the half open window. The captains amethyst eyes lay only on the motionless body whose unconscious figure remained unaware of her visitor.
'Why am I here ...'' he questioned himself yet again.
'She isn't worth it...' he thought bitterly in attempt to turn away from her.
It was all in vain, he remained in the same spot.
"Why are you here ...?" Came another voice.
The question echoed throughput his head.
Ah senbonzakura...
The question went without a reply. He looked down at _____ yet again. "She won't be angered if you where to love another master..." a bitter sweet smile made its way on the midnight haired captain's features. " of course not...."
The thought of his previous love's memory made his heart ache.
"Are you afraid you loose her too then master?" Once again the room remained silent, all but the wind spoke.
Byakuya placed his pale hand on top of ___
:icondeathxxatxxdawn:deathxxatxxdawn 67 3
Wake Up ~ Byakuya x Reader
Byakuya x Reader

              He searched the area, growing even more annoyed. "___?! ___!!" He calls angrily. "Oh, Renji, is something wrong?" Ukitake asks from where he sits. "Oh captain Ukitake, I don't suppose you've seen a (h/c) recruit running around here have you?" Renji asks. Ukitake holds up your sleeping form by the collar. "You mean this girl? I found her asleep on the ground in front of my quarters," He tells Renji as the red head gaps at you. "Oi! Wake up! You were supposed to meet the captain an hour ago!" Renji snaps, karate chopping you in the forehead.
              You let out a pained whimper and blink awake. "Ouch, who's the ass- Oh! Hey Renji," You say sheepishly. "Don't you 'hey Renji' me! Come on! I'm not going to bare his anger alone!" He growls, dragging you off. You flail about slightly, getting nervous again. You weren't too keen on meeting captai
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 127 6
Byakuya x reader- Help (chapter 2)
“You’re most certainly welcome, Captain Hitsugaya.” You bowed to him, and said your goodbyes and headed back to your squad. You walked sort of slow, taking in the scenery of the sky. It was a gorgeous orange sky mixed with pink.  Just then you bumped into someone, falling back on your butt.
 “I’m sorry miss (f/n).” You heard a familiar voice say. You looked up and saw Captain Kyoraku standing above you, reaching his hand out to yours. You blushed of embarrassment and laid your tiny hands in his, letting him help pull you up.  
 “N-No! I’m sorry Captain Kyoraku for being such a clutz!” You bowed apologetically. He smiled at you and waved his hand. “No it’s fine miss (f/n). And please, I told you to call me Shunsui.” You looked up at him and sighed, standing straight again.
 You have known Shunsui for a long time now, ever since Byakuya first brought you in. He knew how quiet and cold hearted
:iconshinigamiyuki-chan:ShinigamiYuki-chan 112 14
Yellow Submarine (Law x Reader) Part 16 (Finale)
Leaving the medical bay after your intense makeout session, Law decided to escort you back to your room. You were now walking the familiar corridors while holding hands.
"Hey weren't your hands dirty?" You suddenly asked anxiously, as you recalled his words, fearing you'd both get some crazy disease.
"No silly, I was touching the autoclave, also known as the sterilizer! My hands couldn't be cleaner!!" He confessed with a mischievious grin..
"Ahh, you tricked me into feeding you!!" You realized in astoundment.
"Was it really such a bad thing?" He asked teasingly, as he gripped your hand tighter.
"Well… It was bad for the plate that fell to the ground… ". You joked, making him chuckle at your little gist.
"No, I admit it was a great ruse." You conceded, once more in awe of his scheming mind.
"I love you my surgeon of death!" you leaned in and kissed him on his cheek.
Some time later was your birthday…and much like on Law's birthday, there had also been a party for you a
:iconadnav3:adnav3 116 90
Hibari x Shy!Pregnant!Reader: Fair[RQ] DRABBLE 3
    Not everything tends to go your way. If life is too easy for you then you're not trying hard enough. As long as you dream and strive for a new beginning, hope will find a way. It always will.

                                                                                                                                         >>Me, EternalAlice24<<
:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 144 26
Watching You - Kageyama Tobio x Reader
You were never one to play sports.
You would get all sweaty, or injure yourself.
And you were lazy.
And it was a lot of work.
But you didn't mind watching. 
At least, didn't mind watching him.
He was a first year, just like you. He was in the Karasuno Volleyball Club, and he was a setter.
A good one at that. 
He made a good match with the other first year in your class, Hinata Shouyou, who looked really short for volleyball. Yet when they were on the court it was a whole different thing.
You came every day after you accidentally stumbled upon the gymnasium when you first transferred. After classes you would sit silently and watch <s>him</s> the volleyball team.
After a couple weeks you realized your feelings were probably more than just simple admiration, but you said nothing. <s> Not yet</s>
You enjoyed not making any conversation. You'd rather watch curiously.
Little did you know he was doing the same t
:iconfaniki:faniki 51 9
make me proud. kageyama tobio x reader
Kageyama Tobio x Older Sister!Reader ;;
"Tobio. Can you toss for me?"
The young boy of 9 looked up to her older sister who gave him a small smile. He didn't mind giving tosses to her sister; it was fun — and it helped her practice. As far as he knew, his sister was volleyball player in her middle school and was the ace. She said she needed to work on her spikes, but he didn't understand why she needed to keep practicing it — considering that her spikes were the best. Well, in his opinion, anyway.
He shrugged his shoulders loosely. "Sure."
She grinned and went to the backyard, Tobio following in behind. And as they arrived in backyard, she turned to him, the grin still plastered on her face. "You ready?"
Tobio nodded his head and [Name] passed the ball to him and as the ball was coming towards him, he extended his arms up above his head, positioned his hands in a diamond formation, spread his feet about shoulder width apart, and as the bal
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 320 29
distractions. kageyama tobio x reader
It was true that Kageyama wasn't necessarily smart when it came to education. It was also true that [Name] was silently suffering from trying to tutor Kageyama. It has been only 10 minutes since the tutoring started and the boy - Kageyama - just couldn't keep his thoughts still. The young lad was so easily distracted, and [Name] was trying her best not to yell out "You fucking turd, listen to me!". It was a good thing that [Name] was able to control her emotions.
"Okay," [Name] began. "let's just try another subject! Oh, I know. How about foreign studies? That's easy, right? We left off about the United States of America, didn't we? Now, do you still remember how many states there in America?"
The female student fought the urge to bang her head repeatedly on the table. "It's 50." she corrected him, in the most sweetest voice she could muster. Kageyama blinked, and wore the frustrated expression that he had since the tutoring began. "Not 10. But 50. There a
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 302 21
i like you. kageyama tobio x reader
"You know," the girl began, putting her pen down beside her text book. Kageyama stopped reading (more like staring) at his own textbook and turned his attention to the girl whom was currently speaking. "there's this guy in our class who always gets good grades and is incredibly smart. He's amazing, really. I like him. Though, I don't think he actually likes me back. I mean, dating isn't probably one of his top priorities right now."
"You like him?" he asked, tilting his head.
[Name] nodded her head. "Very much so, yes."
Kageyama scoffed mentally. The guy she was talking about didn't seem interesting at all..! Although, that didn't change the fact that [Name] stilled liked this 'guy'. He never heard her talking about a guy before. In fact, this is his first time hearing [Name] talking about a guy that she actually liked, if I may add. Maybe [Name] had a thing for smart guys or something like that.
'I could be smart,' Kageyama thought. 'Smarter than that guy she talks ab
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 293 10
(Kageyama x Reader) Sleepovers
It was a typical Friday night at the Kageyama household, despite the fact that his parents were out on a trip to the hot springs a few hours out. 
You sat in Kageyama's lap, back pressed to his toned chest and head resting against his shoulder. He played with your fingertips as the commercial on the TV flickered on, your papers for English spread across the floor. 
You both had been studying for the exam, in a scramble to become eligible for next semester to keep playing sports. 
The peacefulness was interrupted by the sound of the downstairs doorbell ringing, and the shouts of various boys were heard from outside. 
"Oi! Kageyama! We brought food and games! Don't tell me you forgot about your agreement to host the volleyball team bonding/sleepover, did you?" The loud voice of Daichi's echoed, making Kageyama snap into realization. 
"Ah shit..." He cursed, poking you awake. "Oi. You're gonna have to--"
"Hide? I know," you sighed, removing yourself from his warm
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 429 18
Sleepiness and Kisses (Kageyama X Reader)
Kageyama notices (y/n) dozing off when they were halfway through the movie. You were originally leaning against the couch, a look of excitement when you were talking about how great this movie would be and the reviews about it. Now, you propped your head against the armrest, trying to keep yourself away but you knew you would doze off anyways.
He doesn't bother to wake you up, only continuing to watch the movie at a lower volume. his conscious, though, tries to slip away when he's listening more of your soft peaceful breathing. He honestly didn't have any interest in watching it but since you were dozing off yourself, he didn't see a problem in falling asleep as well. He stretches his arm over to the other side of the couch and grabs a blanket, wrapping it around you tightly. He shifts your body, gently enough not to wake up, back over to his side so you could rest against his own. He relaxes himself from the warmth you were emitting and tries to focus his attention back to the mo
:iconattackoncheesecake:AttackOnCheesecake 110 4
Toss (Kageyama x reader)
"Tobio-kun! Toss to me!", you pleaded, or more accurately, demanded your long-time boyfriend to do so. You knew about Tobio's and Hinata's freakish quicks, and hearing their aggresively loud "Alright!"s after successfully executing one only piqued your curiosity as to what it felt like.
You really wanted to know what was it that made your usually stoic boyfriend pumped up, and consulting his orange haired companion proved to be more frustrating than helpful due to his explanation being a barrage of "pow!"s and "wham!"s and "whoosh!"s which you could not bring yourself to fathom.        
"No," the King of the Court deadpanned, flatly refusing your request.
Knowing better than to pester him, your face wore a thoughtful expression before slapping on a bright smile, exclaiming,"Maybe next time, Tobio-kun!", knowing that it was probably his pride of tossing to 'whoever is important to winning' getting in the way of your pleas.
The raven haired boy just put on his usual p
:iconohaasananodayo:OhaAsaNanodayo 40 21
20 Things - Sugawara Koushi x Reader [6/20]
Title: 20 things strong couples do differently
Character: Sugawara Koushi [Haikyuu!!]
Type: Reader-insert
Words: 854
Genre: General, romance
They don't insist on being with each other all the time
Sugawara paced around the living room. The lone clock hanging on the wall ticked with each passing second, like a metronome he followed for his steps. The ticks didn't register in his mind, the only thoughts passing being the ones questioning whether or not you were okay.
You weren't anywhere dangerous, your life wasn't at stake, but it might as well have been if you asked him. One would wonder where you were, out of sight and unprotected by your knight, but you were just at a formal party. Whenever there were any events of this kind, your partner would usually go with you. This time, however, you requested that he'd stay home. Or rather, it was him who requested for you to perform your duty as a press official, while you reques
:iconmukouro:mukouro 30 2
20 Things - Sugawara Koushi x Reader [5/20]
Title: 20 things strong couples do differently
Character: Sugawara Koushi [Haikyuu!!]
Type: Reader-insert
Words: 582
Genre: Romance
On his lunch break, Sugawara walked in the hallway of the school with a coffee in hand. It may sound cliché, but after graduating from university, Suga got an offer from his old high school Karasuno. Of course, he got many other offers as well since he finished school with remarkable points. But he would always be biased towards Karasuno and he wouldn't even hide it if you asked.
He was one of those teachers that loved hanging out around the students. He wouldn't talk to them if they didn't wish to, but even the students can see Suga's charm. There wasn't anyone that specifically disliked talking to him. Sometimes a student would spontaneously start talking to him. At those times, he feels a certain pride. Like the pride you feel when your pet randomly shows affection to you. Not that he saw his students as pets, even if h
:iconmukouro:mukouro 32 4
20 Things - Sugawara Koushi x Reader [4/20]
Title: 20 things strong couples do differently
Character: Sugawara Koushi [Haikyuu!!]
Type: Reader-insert
Words: 832
Genre: Romance
This was a great day for the both of you. A great day for all the third years, actually. Today would be finally the day where you will all graduate from university and start your lives as full-blown adults. Many are excited, but also afraid of what the future may bring.
But at the moment, you had other things on your mind. Running from one side of the apartment to the other side and back, you attempted to get ready for the big evening. You could swear, never in your life had you ran as much as in the past five minutes. You hasted yourself to your room to do your hair, but once you arrived, you couldn't find your hairbrush! While rushing back to where you came from, you bumped into Suga.
"Do you think you can explain why this was in the fridge?" he asked while holding up the exact object you were searching for. He saw your condi
:iconmukouro:mukouro 35 2



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